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House Hears Veterans on Cannabis Reform

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C., September 9, 2019– Rep. Charlie Christ (D-FL 13) is scheduled to deliver opening remarks in the Longworth House Office Building room 1539 at 4pm for a panel entitled “The Harms of Cannabis Prohibition.” Following his remarks Veterans Cannabis Coalition (VCC) will lead a panel on addressing the negative impacts of prohibition.

Veterans Cannabis Coalition founder, Eric Goepel will moderate the panel which includes Derek Blumke, co-founder of Student Veterans of America (SVA), Commissioner Margo Ellis, City and County of San Francisco Commission on Veterans Affairs (SFVAC), Dr. Dan K. Morhaim, MD, an emergency medical doctor, drug reform advocate, and former 24-year member of the Maryland House of Delegates.

The panel will examine what has become a clear association in the eyes of the veteran community: that the combination of risky prescribed medications and cannabis prohibition’s restriction on research are contributing to the staggering rate of veteran suicide and overdose.

Eric’s simple equation to define the problem “Toxic meds + cannabis prohibition = high rate of veteran suicide and overdose.”


The Veterans Cannabis Coalition is a non-profit advocacy group, founded by Iraq War veterans, working to end federal cannabis prohibition and drive the research and development of cannabis-based medications through the Department of Veterans Affairs.


CONTACT: Margo Ellis


PHONE NUMBER: 202-550-9966


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