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In over a decade of work as a creative with a heart for changing the world and her community, our founder Margo Ellis has not led product selling campaigns, but also social movements that have changed culture...


Club Honor

Club Honor is a grassroots movement being incubated in the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) Blackstone Launchpad with an active community pilot in Beaufort, SC.


The goal of the movement is to restore the power that has been lost in communities since organizations like the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and church-led movements disbanded in the late 60’s and early 70’s.


Club Honor will reverse these trends by using a model similar to what Student Veterans of America (SVA) created with a “Student Body President in a Box” strategy that Community College Club Presidents can use to organize their campuses as ground zero for political action in communities with partnership from the faith community.


Club Honor CEO Margo Ellis was one of the founding members of the SVA Chapter at Georgetown and an organizer for the first Washington Week, which is now in it’s 15th year.

Club Honor CMO Kwasi Asare is setting the stage for a an international movement by developing alignment with UN Sustainability Goals and organization of 2050 Forums at the SXSW Grit Daily House.


Club Honor COO Emma Thompson is leading the effectiveness of programming at ground zero in New York. 


The value of incorporating student clubs into a national organization is that it gives legislative power to effect change where needed and brings together student leaders from across the country to understand how to hold accountability in their districts. 

Bipartisan Justice Forum

On contract as the Communications Director for Bipartisan Justice 2020, Margo oversaw communications and press coordination for the Presidential Forum at Benedict College in 2019.


Here is an article from that event: 

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Creative Director in Chief

As the founder and CEO of EELA PR and Marketing, Margo built a full service creative agency with the ability to produce print and video content empowering leaders to tell their story and establish brand loyalty.

In addition to providing creative campaign assets, we also provide strategic advisement and consulting to discover ideal customer profiles and product-market fit. 

SVA Storm the Hill

After a decade of service in the Marines, Margo didn't just want to use her GI Bill at Georgetown, she wanted to use the opportunity to change the world. 

Margo was the Communications director for a campaign that galvanized 300 student veteran leaders from across the country for a storm the hill campaign to highlighted a need to create access to mental health care and equity for women in the military.

The result led to legislative and policy changes that made it safe for veterans to get mental healthcare without jeopardizing our security clearances and paved the way for equitable integration of women in the military.

A decade later Student Veterans of America (SVA) which was just a fledgling organization at the time, has grown into one of the most powerful conveners of Veterans in America.

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